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Covid 19 PCR Test (Molecular)

Appointment Needed

Appointment is needed for Covid PCR Test with Molecular Diagnostic systems . Though appointments are easy to book. Simply call us.

Results ready in 1 to 18 hours

Results from a Covid 19 PCR test are available within 1 to 18 hours and are sent to your e-mail as soon as they are ready.

More accurate

Results from a Covid 19 PCR test are way more accurate than any other test for Covid – 19.

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Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Test

No Appointment Needed

No Appointment is needed for Rapid Antigen Tests. You can come by the Polyclinic at any time between 9am to 8pm.

Results ready in 10 minutes

Results from a Covid 19 Rapid Antigen test are available within 10 minutes.

Fairly good results

Results from a Covid 19 Rapid test are fairly accurate and are accepted as form of diagnosing covid infection.

Revolutionizing Skiathos Health Services

Skiathos Emergency constantly improves the offered health services on the island.

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We know that good health services lead to a better quality of life.

Skiathos Emergency covers all medical emergencies on Skiathos Island 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dominant wish is to be able to cover the needs of both the island’s population and the island’s seasonal visitors, with medical services of high standards. The clinic collaborates with Doctors specializing in various fields of medicine as well as with the dentists, the physiotherapist, the pediatrician, the orthopedic, who already operate in Skiathos island.
Our radiologic and cardiological departments are always available to cover all emergencies.